Raising Australia Equipment

Raising Australia currently owns and operates seven raise bore drilling rigs. This combination allows us to develop raises between 750mm and 6000mm in diameter.

Our main aim is to work independently of the Client and in order to achieve this each drill is equipped with an integrated tool carrier which is set up to transport all auxiliary equipment required for the job.

Robbins 61R Drill Rig

Our low profile Robbins 61R’s have the capacity to drill holes to a diameter of 2.4m and to a length of 180m. This machine operates in a normal 5m x 5m drive and is perfect for slot holes and escape ways.  Our 61R’s have been our most utilised machines to date, this is mainly due to their compact size and the ability to drill larger diameter holes.

Robbins 123RHC Drill Rig

The Atlas Copco built Robbins 123RHC is one of the most advanced rigs available today. It has the capacity to drill holes up to 920m in length to a diameter of 5m. The machine is a low profile machine (5.7m extended height) and does not require the large chambers required by many raise bore drill rigs of similar capacity.

Robbins 56RL Drill Rig

The 56RL is a low profile machine capable of drilling holes up to 1.8m in diameter to a length of 150m.

The machine fits comfortably into a 5m x 5m drive and is perfect for drilling slots and escape-ways. The machine runs off 1000v power and simply plugs into a Jumbo starter box.

Weller 750 Boxhole

The Weller 750 has been designed specifically to drill up hole slots in the production levels for the extraction of ore bearing material. It can drill 750mm up holes to a length of 30m and can dip from 90 to 45 degrees.  This has been engineered to be self-transportable, easy to set up and much safer than other machines on the market.

Rhino 100HM

The Rhino 100HM has been designed to be a complete solution for the quick, effective and self-reliant approach for slot rising. It is capable of drilling up-hole slots to 750mm in diameter up to 50m in length. The design of the machine eliminates many aspects of the slot drilling process and makes this system more efficient and cost effective option for your mines slot requirements.

Rod Racks

Our purpose built rod racks have been designed to minimize rod damage and make their transport safe and efficient. The racks are moved by our integrated tool carriers which eliminates the need to use the Client’s equipment.  It also reduces the need for manhandling of the rods which makes their transport much safer and less likely to result in hand injury.