Vertical Development

Our raise drilling and box holing services are provided by Raising Australia – a branch of Byrnecut Australia which has both the experience and specialist equipment to excel in this area.

Byrnecut Australia is also capable of undertaking conventional drill and blast shaft sinking. We have a suite of shaft sinking equipment and extensive experience able to take on all large diameter, deep shaft sinking projects.

Raise Drilling

Raising Australia

With over 10 years of experience, Raising Australia is a specialist raise-drilling contractor committed to offering the best raise drilling service to their clients.

Raise drilling is the safest, most efficient and most cost-effective approach to creating vertical and sub-vertical openings in mines and construction projects. It can be used to create ventilation shafts, escape ways, exhaust shafts and slot rises to assist in the extraction of ore.

Raising Australia currently owns and operates seven low profile specialist raise bore drilling rigs. This diversity allows Raising Australia to offer a broad range of raise drilling and box holing services, with the ability to develop raises from 0.75m to 6m in diameter.

Our current fleet of machines we have the capacity of drilling holes from 750mm – 6m in diameter.

  • 2 x Low profile Atlas Copco Robbins 61RH
  • 2 x Low profile Atlas Copco Robbins 56RH
  • 1 x Atlas Copco Robbins 123RHC
  • 1 x Rhino 100HM Boxhole borer.
  • 1 x Weller 750 Blind-hole borer

We have recently expanded our fleet to include a Rhino 100HM slot machine which is a fully self-sufficient machine which carries all equipment required to drill a 750mm diameter slot raise. This machine is the first of its kind into Australia and has been breaking production records since it arrived. We have been so impressed with the machine we have recently purchased 2 more machines which are due in the Q2 and Q3 2018.

With an emphasis on minimal impact on the client’s operations, Raising Australia utilizes dedicated integrated tool carrier’s to move all ancillary equipment including rods, power packs and reamers from the surface to each drill location. The IT is also used to hook reamer heads allowing further self-sufficiency.

Through our self-reliance on site, our range of drilling rigs and our extensive experience in the industry, Raising Australia is able to offer clients a cost effective and reliable raise drilling service throughout Australia.

As a member of the Byrnecut Group we utilize Byrnecut’s Market leading safety systems and training programs to ensure maximum levels of safety are achieved whilst delivering timely production targets.

Further details of our fleet and equipment can be found here.


Shaft Sinking

Byrnecut has extensive experience in large diameter deep shaft sinking. The most recent shaft completed was the 940m deep, 7m diameter concrete lined Ernest Henry Hoisting Shaft (Cloncurry, QLD).

Byrnecut have a suite of shaft sinking equipment which has been designed in accordance with functional safety standards and complies with the requirements of AS61508: Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems.

Current Shaft sinking equipment includes:
• Shaft Sinking Headframe to suit 7.0m diameter shaft
• 1200kW double drum, double clutch, 10m/s kibble winder for shafts up to 1700m deep
• Set of 4 stage winders for shafts up to 1700m deep
• 320kW single drum, 4m/s egress winder for shafts up to 1700m deep
• Set of 2 stage winders for shafts up to 500m deep
• OJ Herman Shaft Muckers
• Bucyrus SJ105 Twin Boom Electric-Hydraulic shaft jumbo

Details of our shaft sinking history can be found here