Byrnecut Group Services

The Byrnecut Group has evolved over the last 25 years to become a diverse group of companies, able to provide a wide range of services to the mining industry and beyond.

Initially an underground mining contractor, the group has taken its cues from the changing requirements of the industry to offer specialised and tailored solutions to its clients.

Australian Division

Byrnecut Australia is the largest underground mining contractor in Australia, capable of offering a safe, efficient and professional contracting service to assist our clients in optimising the development and production of their mineral resources.

International Division

Byrnecut Offshore specialises in mechanised underground mine feasibility, mine development and mine production and has been successful in securing a number of international contacts. It offers its clients a range of services including:

  • Shaft sinking
  • Shotcreting
  • Equipment rebuilds
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Mine engineering consultancy services
  • Labour hire
  • Raise-drilling

Raise Drilling

With over 10 years of experience, Raising Australia is a specialist raise-drilling contractor committed to offering the best raise drilling service to their clients.

Raise drilling is the safest, most efficient and most cost-effective approach to creating vertical and sub-vertical openings in mines and construction projects. It can be used to create ventilation shafts, escape ways, exhaust shafts and slot rises to assist in the extraction of ore.

Raising Australia currently owns and operates six low profile specialist raise bore drilling rigs. This diversity allows Raising Australia to offer a broad range of raise drilling and box holing services, with the ability to develop raises from 0.75m to 6m in diameter.

  •  2x Low profile Atlas Copco Robbins 61RH
  •  2x Low profile Atlas Copco Robbins 56RH
  •  1x Atlas Copco Robbins 123RHC
  •  1x Weller 750 Blind-hole borer

With an emphasis on minimal impact on the client’s operations, Raising Australia utilises a dedicated integrated toolcarrier to move all ancillary equipment including rods, power packs and reamers from the surface to each drill location. The IT is also used to hook reamer heads allowing further self-sufficiency.

Through our self-reliance on site, our range of drilling rigs and our extensive experience in the industry, Raising Australia is able to offer clients a cost effective and reliable raise drilling service throughout Australia.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Murray Engineering is an affiliated engineering company specialising in mechanical repairs and complete equipment rebuilds together with an electrical division which supplies electrical infrastructure and labour services.

SRO Group is a multi-disciplined organisation specialising in the supply of Electrical Engineering Solutions combined with Mechanical Engineering and fabrication services with operations based in Australia and China. SRO supplies the highest quality Electrical products, value add solutions, engineering services, and on-site support and installation services to provide a ‘one stop shop solution to our clients’.


Jetcrete is the largest specialized shotcrete contractor in Australia and has been successfully operating for over 35 years with current projects throughout Australia, providing the unique service of concrete spraying to many major mine sites.

Jetcrete employs the latest techniques and specially adapted placement materials to maintain best industry practice and ensure a totally safe environment, without disrupting the ongoing mining operations.

Jetcrete owns and operates a fleet of specialised equipment at various sites throughout Australia. All equipment is fitted with the best safety systems available and is compliant with the highest underground specifications used in the mining industry.

Using our 35 years of experience with spraying in both the civil and mining industries, Jetcrete now has proven capabilities for all elements of the shotcrete process.

• Shotcrete Process
• Batching and Delivery
• Shotcrete Application
• Quality Assurance
• Shaft Lining
• Civil infrastructure

Mine Design

Mining Plus is a fully integrated global mining consultancy. Our capabilities are derived from our team of Mining Engineers and Geoscientists. We offer practical and innovative solutions across the full value chain of international exploration and mining projects. Our approach and proven track record of delivering solutions ensures we meet your project expectations.

Mining Plus services exploration and mining customers on a local, national and international scale. Our core capabilities and services have grown and diversified over the years to cover a broad range of mineral commodities across the project value chain. From the conceptual stage of projects, right through to feasibility study work, project delivery, commissioning, and mine closure. We have a unique ability to integrate seamlessly with your project teams to deliver results with the flexibility of working remotely or mobilising to site.

We conduct our operations with an underlying emphasis on innovative thinking coupled with a practical approach. Our number one goal is to ultimately deliver value to your project.

Project Engineering

Quattro Project Engineering provides EPC turnkey solutions to the delivery of surface infrastructure and mining related projects.

Quattro have specialised in providing customised solutions to underground paste backfill systems, including reticulation and installation. Quattro have developed an industry leading paste diversion valve (QDV) specifically for these applications.

Workforce Injury Prevention, Health and Safety

Sano Health creates safer and healthier working environments using world-first biomechanical assessments of manual handling tasks, customised injury prevention & rehabilitation programs, plus on-going health support & education.

This is achieved through analysing the health of your organisation and then surrounding your team with cutting edge technology and specialists to create measurable and sustainable change.
Sano Health’s background in elite sport ensures we value the use of specific data to measure your return on investment.

Sano works across all sectors including mining, manufacturing, aviation, emergency services, sport, media & corporate. Some of Sano’s clients include Qantas, Oz Minerals, Goldfields, REA Group, Fairfax Media, Orora & Amcor.

Indigenous Training

BOAB provides a labour resource service to the mining industry through the training of indigenous Australians wishing to start a career in the mining industry.