Completed Projects

Byrnecut is the largest underground mining contractor in Australia and since 2005, has completed contracts on the following projects.

For a more detailed project history, or specific project information, please contact us.

Site NameClientNearest TownDateService
Ridgeway DeepsNewcrest MiningOrange NSWApr 2005 to Jan 2006Decline and lateral development
Hill 50 and Morning StarMt Magnet Gold NLMount Magnet WAAug 1999 to Dec 2007Decline, lateral and vertical development, longhole stope production
Mt MarionSouth Kalgoorlie MinesKalgoorlie WADec 2001 to Jun 2007Decline and level development, vertical development, stope production and haulage
Nifty Aditya Birla GroupTelfer WAFeb 2004 to Nov 2007Decline and lateral development, production establishment
GreenbushesSons of GwaliaGreenbushes WAJan 2005 to Dec 2007Decline and lateral development, mine production
Tritton Tritton ResourcesGirilambone NSWApr 2004 to Apr 2008Decline, lateral and vertical development, longhold open stope production
Golden Grove OxianaMurchison WAJan 2008 to Dec 2008Decline development
Mt Gordon Aditya Birla GroupMt Isa QLDAug 2002 to Jun 2009Decline and lateral development, mine production
Ballarat Gold Lihir GoldBallarat VICJan 2008 to Aug 2009Decline development
Agnew Gold Fields AustraliaLeinster WAApr 2002 to May 2010Decline and lateral development, stope production using longhole and jumbo flatback methods with cemented backfill
Frasers DeclineOceana GoldMacraes Flat NEW ZEALANDMay 2006 to Jul 2010Decline and level development, stope production
MiitelMincorWidgiemooltha WAJun 2010 to Jun 2011Decline , lateral development, production
MarinersMincorWidgiemooltha WAOct 2009 to Sept 2011Decline , lateral development, production
Telfer - M50Newcrest MiningTelfer WAJul 2009 to Feb 2012Narrow vein trackless development, production.
CosmosXstrata NickelLeinster WADec 2001 to Oct 2012Decline, level development, stope production.
Starra 276IvanhoeCloncurry QLDFeb 2012 to Jan 2013Decline and level development.
MerlinIvanhoeCloncurry QLDSep 2010 to Jan 2013Decline development.
SinclairXstrata NickelAgnew WAMar 2010 to May 2013Decline and level development.
Cadia EastNewcrest MiningOrange NSWNov 2010 to Nov 2013Management and development contract.
Ernest HenryErnest Henry MiningCloncurry QLDJul 2010 to Jan 2014Shaft sink: 980m deep, 7.0m diameter, concrete lined, blank sink
Cave RocksGold Fields AustraliaKambalda WAJul 2013 to Aug 2014Decline and level development.
George FisherMt Isa MinesMt Isa QLDAug 2012 to Dec 2014Cable bolt installation services
King of the HillsSt BarbaraLeonora WASep 2010 to Apr 2015Establishment and development of two declines, all associated level and vertical development and production activities
ChallengerKingsgate ConsolidatedCoober Pedy SAMay 2013 to Nov 2015Decline and Level Development, Stope Production.